River Anton Grayling Fishing

This time last year I fished the River Anton with my good mates Terry and Nick, the section right above where the Anton meets the river Test at the Mayfly Pub. This year Gareth and I managed to get on a similar sized stretch a short drive upstream of that which is controlled by Famous Fishing. The stretch consisted of four long beats – offering … Continue reading River Anton Grayling Fishing

A Trio of Chalkstreams

The past weekend was a bit mental to say the least – fishing three chalkstreams in two days, all done on the whim of excitement… and anticipation of large grayling. For any river angler – especially at this time of year when the conditions can be somewhat challenging – a single, large lady can make any ones day. Friday evening Kristian and I decided to … Continue reading A Trio of Chalkstreams

Stalking Grayling on the River Test

Every winter I always try and get down to the river Test for a few days grayling fishing, the clarity of the water on both the Test and it’s carriers are something that has to be seen to be believed – Crystal clear waters, even with the most horrendous conditions – which hinders much of our fishing through the winter to say the least! If … Continue reading Stalking Grayling on the River Test

Grayling Fun on the Itchen

Again, myself and Gareth were lucky enough to be invited to another chalkstream to target some of the largest UK grayling we’ve ever seen! Steve Carew from Fulling Mill was gracious enough to invite us to their stretch of the river Itchen to target some of the large fish which inhabit within. This was the second time I’ve fished the Itchen, the last time it … Continue reading Grayling Fun on the Itchen

Chalkstream Grayling Fishing

Torrential rain, gale force winds, trees and Rivers don’t go very well.  Rain for the rivers are great, although it stops us fishing for a couple of days, the extra water freshens the waterway, removes slime and weed from the bottom and allows the fish in the river some freedom from anglers. Wind isn’t usually an issue when river fishing, and trees? They help too, … Continue reading Chalkstream Grayling Fishing