Kieron Wins Welsh Championship

The Welsh team selection for each year is determined by averages over a four match period on three different lakes in Wales, Llandegfedd, Trawsfynyd and Brenig. Anglers top three out of four scores are recorded and used as their points to┬ádetermine┬átheir position. For example, a 3rd placing in three matches would give a person 9 points. The last match is always the decider with many … Continue reading Kieron Wins Welsh Championship

Keeping your flies in the zone

I fished llandegfedd reservoir the weekend for the rescheduled Welsh trial, weather went from one extreme, from not being let out on the lake, to it feeling like your sitting in an oven. Anyway, you can never take what happened on a practice day too seriously, with fishing, two days are never the same… something always changes and anglers must adapt. I started off on … Continue reading Keeping your flies in the zone