Lexus Team Results Rutland 2014

After returning from the Lexus Team final which was held on Rutland water, it’s time to start preparing for the Rivers Trial and the up and coming Airflo Anglian Water Final. That’s my excuse for the lack of blog posts, anyway! As you may have already saw, Rutland fished extremely well for the two days at the Lexus Team Final, with a rod average of … Continue reading Lexus Team Results Rutland 2014

The French Leader – Everyone and their dog?

Well, over the last few years the¬†French¬†leader has become a¬†revolution in our river angling,¬†enhancing¬†our nymphing distance and sensitivity. Allowing our flies to sink to their¬†desired¬†fishing depth before getting into the area you want them. The indicator simply indicates takes receive to the flies by either stopping, gently sliding away, shooting off or lifting.. striking at anything which¬†occurs that’s¬†unnatural to the norm. Everyone seems to be … Continue reading The French Leader – Everyone and their dog?