Carp off the surface!

One of the most exciting things I’ve caught on a fly rod has to be a carp. The build up to actually hooking the fish is very intense. Actually getting the fish to feed from the surface on what looks like an empty lake as they sulk on the bottom can be electrifying. Recently Terry and I stumbled across a small lake (which never gets … Continue reading Carp off the surface!

Wales Take Gold on the Taff

Firstly I must apologies for the lack of posts on here recently, it’s been due to a mixture of different competitions all seeming to creep up in one hit – with time spent behind the computer, other than for work purposes is usually replaced with the fly tying vice to stock up on the latest and most effective patterns. A lot of my free fishing … Continue reading Wales Take Gold on the Taff

Monster River Browns

Just a heads up that there’s an article in this months Total Flyfisher on how to catch specimine trout from running water written by myself and featuring Terry Bromwell. The article describes our basic setup for targeting these big fish, along with their locations in the river and how to go about targeting them. It’s an interesting read for the avid river angler, just look … Continue reading Monster River Browns