Fly of the Week – Fly Tying Video

After watching a couple of the fly tying videos online and actually toying with the idea over the last few months it was about time to give it a go. After little persuasion we had the camera setup, tying gear in place and lights pointed at us from ever angle. It was like the police chases when you see the helicopters beam on the outlaw below. Not that I’ve been in that situation before..

Admittedly, there is a lot to work on, the tying needs to come closer to the camera and maybe a nice closeup of the completed fly before and after the tying sequence… I tried to keep the commentary out of the tying to keep things simple, I find when trying to listen to the commentary plus watch what’s going on things can become complicated for beginner tiers.

This will be a weekly thing, trying to keep with the same theme of flies throughout the month… This month it’s chironomids – Starting with the lava, bloodworm.

To see more, visit Fly of the week

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