Things that makes you go ‘ahhh’

Finding those perfect products that could save you hours at the tying bench don’t come along that often…

With the winter rapidly closing in anglers are now looking towards their tying tables to replenish stocks of their favourite flies.

Most of my winter is spent throwing a shooting head from the banks of Farmoor or up to my ‘nicky nacky noos’ in ice cold river waters which run through some of the most beautiful parts of Wales.

This morning a package arrived on my desk from Fords Fly Tying with some interesting material inside. Full peacock feathers in multiple colours, stripped of their herl.. Ideal for a whole range of fly patterns including river nymphs, a whole selection of lake flies such and nymphs and are perfect for getting that segmented effect on buzzers…

The time it takes you to strip quills with a rubber or fiddle around trying not to break any with your fingers can be cut in half by purchasing ready stripped peacock quills.

Time to get the vice out?

Stripped Quill Ronsfishing

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