Early Xmas Presents…. What are you having?

With Christmas just around the corner, most people start to think about presents and gifts for their loved ones. Im guessing the items that are on an anglers Christmas list this year are:

Hardy Zenith
Lamson ULA Force reels
Airflo Fly Lines
Simms Waders
Costa Glasses
Sage ONE
Patagonia Jackets

Just to name a few…

For me, Christmas has come early with two of the above arriving at my door!

I splashed out and treated myself to a new pair of Costa Glasses – Caballitos 580G with Green Mirror fronts

Costa Glasses Ronsfishing

Costa Glasses Ronsfishing
I know they are white and not to most peoples tastes but I thought of having something different from the norm will be a nice change. The green mirror fronts didn’t look so good on the black frames and I’ve never fancied tortoise shell frames. As always, it’s the lens that matters and after trying on a few pairs and comparing the two, glass and plastic lenses, I opted for the glass version with a sandstone colour lens.

What I like about these glasses is that the inside of the frame is jet black, this helps stop glare from the frame off any rays which manage to get behind the lens, say when the sun is high and behind you.

The other of my personal gifts is the Patagonia Jacket. I’ve always fancied the Patagonia stuff and thought it was about time to get one so I ordered the Patagonia Nano Puff Pull over, this time in black as I thought white would probably be too much whilst worn with the shades… This will keep me warm throughout the winter!

patagonia jacket ronsfishing

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