Pink CDC Grayling Bug

The weathers been dismal for the last few weeks and im sure the sales of tungsten beads and barbless hooks have risen tenfold. My tungsten bead selection has been decimated and some wonderful looking bugs have been produced.

Below is a pattern I’ve been messing around with, this time with a couple of turns of flu pink CDC as a hackle. It’s a fly I was using over the weekend and fortunately, it worked!

Ronsfishing Pink CDC Grayling Bug

Pink CDC Grayling Bug

Hook: Bronze Fulling Mill CZ Size 10
Thread: UTC Pink 70 denier
Bead: 4mm Black Tungsten
Rib: Pink Holographic
Body: Dave Downie Shrimp Pink Dubbing
Hackle: Flu Pink CDC
Thorax: Light Pink UV Glister

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