Worms! Apps Bloodworms…

Ronsfishing Funky Fly Tying Barred Rubber

I’ve never really been a fan of ‘worms’ especially the Apps bloodworm which you mainly see being used on small stillwaters – It’s just a fly I don’t have an interest in fishing, probably the fact I tied over 300 in one week for an order at a show, so even the sight of them puts me off – I don’t think I’ve even caught a fish on one.

But recently I came across some material from Funky Fly Tying called Wapsi Barred Round Rubber – Somewhat stiffer than the usual flexifloss – in my eyes, perfect for the apps. When talking to other anglers who use them regularly, many mention the fact that the flexi floss legs can wrap up and even knot together, causing the the fly to fish ineffectively, so the stiffness would actually aid the fly to fish better giving a more sturdy profile.

As soon as I saw the rubber I thought ‘Apps’ and took a packet from the wall. The Yellow and Orange combination is perfect for targeting stocked fish which may have had a hammering, the times when a lure can be too much colour or movement. Toby at Funky Fly Tying has over 10 colours of barred rubber available so you’re covered whether it’s a viva apps, or a cat…

I now have an army of colourful apps to give a go but where shall I go first… Garnffrwd or Ellerdine?




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