A few hours Grayling Fishing

Grayling Fishing Ronsfishing

Well it’s that time of year again where many anglers go crazy over the ladies, of the stream that is! A great time of year for river angling with many beautiful fish caught on even the coldest of days.

This past weekend I’ve been lucky enough to get out for my first grayling of the season. An extremely windy day with a river which seemed to be filled to bursting point of fallen leaves, but still able to produced some cracking fish.

I’ve been lucky enough to have the chance of try some new fly fishing tackle from Fishtec, of which, I can’t comment on at the moment unfortunately – But all I can say is it’s perfect for river fishing, especially on a smaller river…

The fish however seemed to be very obliging with many grayling falling to the usually hares ear jigs. As I gradually made my way to some turbulent water in a series of weirs I convinced myself to try something bright, such as the pink beaded grayling bugs below. The idea behind the brighter colour was to, in theory, aid the sight for the fish between the tumbling leaves in the white water at the head of each run. A duo of flies tied with 3.5mm tungsten beads hit the correct depth quickly and took the majority of the fish out of each weir where the more sombre flies seemed to loose their effectiveness.

Grayling Fishing Ronsfishing

The above fly also caught my mate Alex the best fish of the session, this beautiful lady below…

Grayling Fishing Ronsfishing

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