Pink Shrimp for Grayling

Alex Jardine Pink Grayling Bug

Featured in a previous post about Flies for River Dee Grayling this pink shrimp caught me a few fish on a recent trips to the river. A fly which had been described to me by Alex Jardine of Aardvark Mcleod as “The only fly you’ll ever need for grayling”. So, it had to be worth a go, right? Certainly.

The body is a mix of two coloured dubbings, Flo Pink and Lavender Ice Dub in a 50/50 mix, covered with a pearl shell back and ribbed with pink wire. Alex mentioned the use of purple wire as the rib, which, im sure would work also. Ice dub has a tendency to loose its colour when wet, so a brightly coloured thread layered over the dull lead body is key to tying this fly, allowing the colour to penetrate the dubbed body once wet.

Fished Czech or French style under the rod tip with either a team of flies or as a single fly to target fish in clear water.

Pink Shrimp (Alex Jardine)

Hook: Fulling Mill Czech Nymph Size 12
Underbody: 2 layers lead
Thread: Glo-Brite No4
Body: Flo Pink Ice Dub Mixed with Lavender Ice Dub
Shellback: Broad Pearl (Tyers Mate)
Rib: Pink UTC Wire
Black Pen Coloured


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