Airflo G-Shock Fly Line – Review


Since the introduction of the Super-Dri Technology from Airflo, these have been the only floaters I have used… The super-high buoyancy and non-stretch technology helps no end with lift of and hook up rate but this year, Airflo have brought out, a somewhat controversial fly line, called the G-Shock. A stretchy fly line.

The blurb

After many years of low and non-stretch lines Airflo have made this interesting addition to the range, the question is why? In certain circumstances for example when using lighter tippets a percentage of stretch is beneficial to prevent break offs, or for hooking fish moving at speed – that arm wrenching pull and bump off some of us may have encountered. These lines are ideal for delicate top of the water work with small hooks and light leaders be it on the river or lake. The super dri G-Shock fly line has a controlled amount of stretch at 15%. Most other fly line makers us 20-25%. This allows fly fishermen to enjoy the obvious benefits of Super Dri, in a fly line closer to the stretch level that they are used to in a ‘traditional fly line’, giving a similar feel to a stretchy PVC line. these lines are perfect for angler looking to try out an Airflo line for the first time. The lines are super smooth, shoot like a bullet and the tips float incredibly high with their welded loops. Line memory is non-existent, these are supple and straight right out of the box. Recently awarded Trout Fisherman’s ‘tackle tester’s choice’ these lines are a must buy

View the G-Shock Fly Line on the Fishtec website Airflo G-Shock Fly Line

A couple of months ago I picked up a peach G-Shock in a 7# which I immediately spooled up for my next few fishing trips. Airflo G-Shock Fly Line  The first thing you notice with the new G-Shock is how much stretch the line actually has compared to a non-stretch version, the difference is easily noticeable to the pull over just a few feet, so the difference over 10 or over 20 yards must be substantial. I must say I was dubious as I’ve not used a ‘stretchy’ line for years, but none the less, stuck at it and it performed brilliantly.

I’ve been lucky enough to experience some great carp fishing with plenty of double figure fish running hard through thick weed, and great dry fly fishing on both Llandegfedd and Draycote water which has put the line through its paces. Considering the stigma Airflo fly lines had all those years ago (and unfortunately still have now), they have produced a series of floaters, the Super Dri range, which in my eyes, now, can’t be beaten.

If you’re dubious about Airflo and the history, don’t take anyone else’s word for it, try one yourself! For dry fly fishing, you won’t got far wrong with the G-Shock floater – There’s be more about this fly line in posts to come.


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