Fly Tying Tip – Tying in Peacock Herl

Here’s a simple tip I’ve been using for years. Cliff Harvey used to run fly tying classes when I was a youngster and many of the tips I was taught stick in my mind still, this one is ideal when tying lots of diawl backs or wet flies. A simple fly tying tip which can save you lots of time re-tying flies. Click here for … Continue reading Fly Tying Tip – Tying in Peacock Herl

Pink and Hares Ear Grayling Bugs

Grub patterns are a favourite of mine when it comes to winter fishing. Personally, I tend find these out-fish my usual jig style patterns, especially in slower water and the grayling are less inclined to move far off-station for food. Grayling bugs such as these are ideal for fishing on a french leader, czech nymph setup or indeed beneath an indicator, set so the flies … Continue reading Pink and Hares Ear Grayling Bugs

Fulling Mill Barbless Hooks

A lot of the guys who fish, or have fished with me will know that I am very fond of the new fulling mill hook range. The range is simple superb and cater for all anglers, whether you fish small stillwaters, competitions on the larger reservoirs or are a river angler, Fulling Mill have a range of hooks that will transform your fishing when having … Continue reading Fulling Mill Barbless Hooks