Pink and Hares Ear Grayling Bugs

Ronsfishing Grayling Bugs
Couple of Grayling Killers

Grub patterns are a favourite of mine when it comes to winter fishing. Personally, I tend find these out-fish my usual jig style patterns, especially in slower water and the grayling are less inclined to move far off-station for food. Grayling bugs such as these are ideal for fishing on a french leader, czech nymph setup or indeed beneath an indicator, set so the flies fish just above the river-bed.

The reason I like grub patterns for the slower water is because I find the fish tend to ‘mouth’ the fly rather than take it aggressively. Sometimes, fishing jig patterns, you’ll notice the indicator to slide away and nothing on the other end when trying to set the hook. Flies like the above tied on curved hooks (these: Fulling Mill Czech Nymph) give a much better gape and scope to hooking the fish which shows interest. Whilst I haven’t found a hook better than a Jig for landing fish in faster water, sometimes they aren’t as effective as other styles when the conditions change.

The above patterns:

Pink Spot Hares Ear

Hook: Fulling Mill Czech Nymph Size 14
Thread: Pink UTC 70 denier
Bead: 3mm Gold Tungsten
Rib: Pearl Quill – Pink
Body: Natural Hares Ear
Thorax: UV Pink Dubbing

Pink Grub 

Hook: Fulling Mill Czech Nymph Size 14
Thread: Pink UTC 70 denier
Bead: 3mm Gold Tungsten
Rib: Tag End Pink Thread
Body: Dave Downie Pink Dubbing
Thorax: UV Pink Dubbing


3 thoughts on “Pink and Hares Ear Grayling Bugs

  1. Hi Kieron, hope you’re well? I’m still waiting for those grayling flies you promised me! These sound ideal….hint hint 🙂 I’m in Builth mid November chasing the ladies again and hoping for a PB.

    Pleased to see you’re still out and about and catching plenty.

  2. Hi Nathan! Just sent you an email – If your up there on a weekend I may try and pop up and get some fishing in around there too.

    Off to the Itchen on Saturday for a chalkstream trip! Congratulations on getting into the Pallatrax team!

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