Float Tubing on Cwm Hedd

As the nights start to get longer, only just before they start getting short again, there’s plenty of light left to head to a river or pond after work. Fortunately for me – Cwm Hedd is only 15 minutes away and over the last two week’s I’ve managed to blow the float tube up and have a couple of sessions. The evening fishing at Cwm Hedd has been … Continue reading Float Tubing on Cwm Hedd

Total Flyfisher Magazine Article

I have another article in Total Flyfisher this month titled Test Tube A dark gloomy day on Nant Moel Reservoir in South Wales, Kieron Jenkins and Jonathan Bishop take to the tube to test some theories they’ve strewn together. If you’re bored, take a look online or in your local post office for Total Flyfisher, this month is packed with exciting features, including one of the … Continue reading Total Flyfisher Magazine Article