Float Tubing on Cwm Hedd

As the nights start to get longer, only just before they start getting short again, there’s plenty of light left to head to a river or pond after work. Fortunately for me – Cwm Hedd is only 15 minutes away and over the last two week’s I’ve managed to blow the float tube up and have a couple of sessions.

The evening fishing at Cwm Hedd has been brilliant with plenty of fish feeding from the surface. Most fish have been taking egg laying buzzers, keeping the fish extremely high in the water for prolonged periods of time. My favourite fly for these egg layers is a cull, pictured below. Fished on it’s own or in a team of two, with a red shipman’s buzzer on the dropper, these two flies have been taking the majority of my fish recently.


Just last night I managed two and lost two from the float tube in a 50 minute session. The cull doing the damage again. The fish were leader shy so de-greasing the leader regularly helped no end when trying to sink the leader in next to flat calm conditions.

*Don’t forget to toggle the quality*

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