A hard Farmoor

It’s not very often you head to Farmoor and see posted on the wall that there was just ONE fish caught between 4 anglers from the bank the day before. The boat statistics were better though, with 70 odd fish caught, but with the weather taking a turn for the worst, the ranger called and canceled our boat we had booked just as we were … Continue reading A hard Farmoor

A Couple of Doubles at Garnffrwd

Hasn’t the weather of late been depressing! Until 4 days ago the rivers have been constantly flooded and un-fishable! Terry and I have managed a few days on the Rhymney, but nothing really to write home about, and we’ve spend our days either tying flies or down at our local trout fishery Garnffrwd. As you may have saw in my previous blog post, Garnffrwd has … Continue reading A Couple of Doubles at Garnffrwd