A Couple of Doubles at Garnffrwd

Hasn’t the weather of late been depressing! Until 4 days ago the rivers have been constantly flooded and un-fishable! Terry and I have managed a few days on the Rhymney, but nothing really to write home about, and we’ve spend our days either tying flies or down at our local trout fishery Garnffrwd.

As you may have saw in my previous blog post, Garnffrwd has been fishing exceptionally well with plenty of decent fish getting by all types of anglers. Due to the high number of anglers desperate to wet a line, the lake has been full almost every time we’ve been down, making the fishing challenging to say the least. With so many rods on the water the fish tend to lie dormant and both early morning or late afternoon fishing best.

Despite the tough conditions, wind, rain and angling pressure, the fishing has been exceptional if you’re lucky enough to work out what the trout are eating. Whether it’s a buzzers suspended below a bung, a lure late on in the afternoon or a team of small nymphs swung around on the wind, you could be lucky enough to land one of the many Garnffrwd doubles.

**How to fish the Bung**

Over the last two weeks I’ve managed to hook at least six doubles using a bloodworm and a bung, but unfortunately the biggest of the six bit through the leader. Fortunately though I’ve landed a couple, ranging from 7-10lb, with the bloodworm lodged perfectly in the top lip!

The first of the bunch was this fish Jamie, Matthew and I estimated to be just over 10lb in weight. A cracking rainbow which put up hell of scrap, hooked over 30 yards out!

The second of the pick was another rainbow trout, in perfect condition also, caught again on the bloodworm weighting around 7lb.

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