And a Happy New Year!

Well, It’s not so new really. It’s already three days into the new year and I haven’t picked up a rod. I’ll be planning a trip somewhere this weekend though. Meanwhile the fly boxes have been coming along nicely. A few new packages have arrived with some very enticing goodies mixed in. The most impressive piece of kit I’ve got is the Fly-Mat from reading And a Happy New Year!

Float Tubing on Nant Moel Reservoir

Spending most of my fishing life sitting on top of the water it’s time to get in, get wet and eye level with the fish. Finding a place to tube isn’t easy, a lot of time trawling the web and fishery websites can lead to dead ends. With tubing becoming more and more popular amongst anglers (just check out the BFTA – Anglers can … Continue reading Float Tubing on Nant Moel Reservoir