And a Happy New Year!

Well, It’s not so new really. It’s already three days into the new year and I haven’t picked up a rod. I’ll be planning a trip somewhere this weekend though. Meanwhile the fly boxes have been coming along nicely. A few new packages have arrived with some very enticing goodies mixed in.

The most impressive piece of kit I’ve got is the Fly-Mat from though, a ridged rubber mat which is the same size as a sheet of A3 paper (I have both, A4 and A3), covers the desk nicely and has already saved the dining room table from a mess of super glue!

The Fly-Mat is constructed from a revolutionary high-grade, non-slip rubber which not only gives a solid grip base for your vice but also a non-bounce surface for beads and hooks thanks to the micro-groove surface. The colour, black, is also great for finding cut off wires and tinsel which are refusibly hard to find on white tables!

It’s also relitively easy to clean, I free my desk from clutter and tying debris once a week. I prefer to hover quickly and them wipe down with a damp cloth. This removes all stray feathers and pieces of dubbing, it ends up like new.

Overall very impressed with this product, im sure it would be part of my tying stable for a while, well, until there’s a new colour, maybe?


Check out the Fly-Mat Here

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