What have I been doing?

Over the last few weeks I haven’t seemed to have the time to do anything! Things keep cropping up and once you finish one, another is in the pipeline. Thankfully now I seem on top of most things and I can get back round to running the blog! The last few weekends have been packed full of fishing and its been great! Just what is … Continue reading What have I been doing?

Fishing videos – Lake & River

When out fishing it’s always nice to carry a camera and get some good images of what could be the best fish of the day, the perfect stretch of water you was lucky enough to tramp upon or just a pretty scenic shot. Pictures do tell a thousand words. But what about videos? Short videos and video blogging (vlogging) seems to be the norm of … Continue reading Fishing videos – Lake & River

At Last! The first river trip of the season

Saturday morning saw me rise bright and early in great anticipation¬†of the first day of the trout season. Waking up to the pitter patter of rain on the kitchen roof put some doubts in my mind to whether the river would be fishable or not, sometimes these small freestone rivers can colour up pretty quickly, but a short strole across the road to check the … Continue reading At Last! The first river trip of the season