The perfect fly patch?

I’ve never been one to have a boatseat which bothes a accessories tray, i’ve seen many tackle items being caught by the fly line and ‘flung’ into the water. It’s always seemed that it is more of a hindrance than an asset. Although, I like the idea of having a fly patch right in front of you, I guess it can sometimes give you inspiration with what to … Continue reading The perfect fly patch?

A Foggy Start…

Saturday saw me and Jonathan venture to the River Irfon in sub zero temperatures and thick fog. The fog was thick from leaving the house to our arrival, temperatures were below zero and hitting -5.5 in the thickest of fog. In the clearer patches the sun was bright, sort of illuminating the road as it passed through the fog. As the proper hardcore welsh anglers do it, Stereophonic’ … Continue reading A Foggy Start…

It’s all coming together nicely..

With the river levels over last weekend seeming to drop, I’ve been keeping a keen eye on the River Wye and its tributaries, but unexpectedly, the Wye rose a foot or more within a few hours last Tuesday and has been like it ever since. But, with this cold snap last night and its forecast to be cold again tonight, the river dropped a few inches and … Continue reading It’s all coming together nicely..

Platinum Swing Leaf Fly Box

So, I needed a new fly box. If there’s one thing the fishing industry isn’t short of is fly boxes. Simply search the term ‘Fly boxes’ in google and hundred of opportunities come up. Plastic, Wooden, Aluminium, Clear lids, Flat foam, Slotted foam, compartments, magnetic. You name it. It’s there. I wasn’t looking for anything too fancy, just something that would hold hundreds of flies for just a few … Continue reading Platinum Swing Leaf Fly Box