How to fish Buzzers

My most recent article on buzzer fishing can be found in this months Total Fly Fisher Magazine, explaining the most effective angles to fish, what flies to fish and sizes to achieve the best from where you’re fishing – including a diagram of my leader setup! Along with 5 favourite patterns. Inside this months magazine you can find: Buzzers, The Angle of the Dangle – … Continue reading How to fish Buzzers

Monster River Browns

Just a heads up that there’s an article in this months Total Flyfisher on how to catch specimine trout from running water written by myself and featuring Terry Bromwell. The article describes our basic setup for targeting these big fish, along with their locations in the river and how to go about targeting them. It’s an interesting read for the avid river angler, just look … Continue reading Monster River Browns

Don’t Stretch Yourself – Total FlyFisher Article

Just a heads up that there is another article in Total Flyfisher magazine this month – Subscribers have already had it – Not sure if its out in the shops yet? But keep an eye out 🙂 ‘Don’t Stretch Yourself’ talks about why casting too far can sometimes leave you worse off… Casting short and keeping you flies close to the surface, when fish are … Continue reading Don’t Stretch Yourself – Total FlyFisher Article