Don’t Stretch Yourself – Total FlyFisher Article

Kieron Jenkins article image

Just a heads up that there is another article in Total Flyfisher magazine this month – Subscribers have already had it – Not sure if its out in the shops yet? But keep an eye out 🙂

‘Don’t Stretch Yourself’ talks about why casting too far can sometimes leave you worse off… Casting short and keeping you flies close to the surface, when fish are feeding high in the water will usually bring success. Short casts also enable you to accurately cover fish, more importantly quickly, as you can get the flies out of the water quicker and presented to the fish.

Lloyd Hopkins and I took to the water to try our hand at some of the older fish which take residence in Llandegfedd. It’s always interesting to get some new fly patterns working on fly lines which do a specific job well.

Hopefully some of you will read the article, let me know what you think if you do..

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