Tying a Rhyac Caddis Pattern

The Rhyac caddis is a pattern which is usually replicated with something extremely complicated and time consuming to tie. While they look brilliant, they take up much more time and effort to tie and produce the same or less results! Here’s a simple pattern I’ve used for years, it’s relitively easy to tie and shouldn’t take too long to master. I like changing the colour … Continue reading Tying a Rhyac Caddis Pattern

Having trouble stripping peacock herl?

Here’s a quick and simple way to strip peacock herl for clean quill bodies. This is the way I’ve been doing it for years, no need for erasers or alike, as long as you apply the right amount of tension, the herls will come from the stalk fairly easily. To get the best results, you could also soak the feathers in water, this will soften … Continue reading Having trouble stripping peacock herl?

Fulling Mill Barbless Hooks

A lot of the guys who fish, or have fished with me will know that I am very fond of the new fulling mill hook range. The range is simple superb and cater for all anglers, whether you fish small stillwaters, competitions on the larger reservoirs or are a river angler, Fulling Mill have a range of hooks that will transform your fishing when having … Continue reading Fulling Mill Barbless Hooks

Some Favourite end of Season Flies!

I must apologise for the long delay in updating my blog! With everything from work, fishing and competitions the blog has taken a fairly big hit in posts… But, on the up side, I have accumulated some great content for the blog! Hopefully these will keep you entertained for the next few weeks and I can tell you, you can look forward to some great … Continue reading Some Favourite end of Season Flies!