Some Favourite end of Season Flies!

I must apologise for the long delay in updating my blog! With everything from work, fishing and competitions the blog has taken a fairly big hit in posts… But, on the up side, I have accumulated some great content for the blog! Hopefully these will keep you entertained for the next few weeks and I can tell you, you can look forward to some great fly posts throughout the winter!

Let’s start off with some of my favourite end of season fly patterns 🙂

Bibio Sedge Hog – A great pattern for targeting Heather fly feeders in a big wind. But to be honest, dries will almost always out fish anything when it comes to Heather fly feeding fish!

The Pulling Hopper – Again, another great Heather fly pattern, but this also works for sedge pupa and as an alternative to dabblers on a washing line. A great fly for both rainbow and brown trout.

The Popper Hopper – I love this fly. It’s a firm favourite of mine when the fish come up higher in the water. I prefer this fly instead of a booby on a washing line cast. The popper hopper sinks at a more neutral pace as opposed to a booby, its great fished on the point of a dry fly cast too!

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