Slabbage on the Ebbw

As I woke up at 7am Yesterday, Sunday 17th July. Looked out the window and had a pleasant surprise – light winds, no rain, dry floors and high cloud. A perfect fishing day! Lucky really as I’d already planned to go fishing with my butty Jonathan.

We left the house at around 8.30am – and headed towards CrossKeys. The 30 minute journey was hindered when Jonathan asked to go to the Cafe… I swear,’ all he does is think of food…

Even after having  a big brecky at the Albion Cafe, he wanted to go fish the bottom of the Ebbw near McDonald’s! I tell you. I give up. As we drove, I had a text to say the Ebbw had been coloured the day before.. so expectations  really wasn’t that high… We pulled up along side the river to see that it was gin clear! Result! So we tackled up and headed downstream to fish upstream back towards the car. It was Jonathan’s go, as we fish, fish for fish. Catching a fish each sharing a rod – it saves the arguments of who’s going where…

Within 5 mins he’d netted a fish… another 5 mins I’d netted a fish… another 5 mins Jonathan hooked a fish…  5 mins passed…he was still playing it! After a healthy fight, and a few aches and pains in the arm, he was slipped into the net!

Taken on a red tag jig, it was obvious after just 20 minutes fishing, it was going to be a good day. Trout rising, fly hatching and fish biting. This was around the average size of the day, although we had some good fish over a lb.

We worked our way back upstream towards the car, around 150 yards which including some great pools and runs we took 8-9 each loosing a few too. Most of the fish where taking the point fly, the Red tag… Il post a  by step of this in the next few days… so keep an eye out.

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