Lexus Team Final Brenig 23rd July

Saturday 24th July saw the Nymph-a-maniac team awaken to a bright and windy day at the Giler Arms inn, North Wales. The squad had travelled up and practised on Llyn Brenig on the Friday, albeit with  light winds and good over cast cloud cover! Typical for it to change on Competition day –  that wouldn’t be fishing!

Competition day saw 36 anglers from 6 different teams competing for the top 3 team places to qualify for the Lexus Grand Final on Rutland.

At the start of the comp 18 boats set off from the jetty, 2 boats headed towards the dam and another 2 stopping short of the ‘RSJ’ to the left of the jetty but the majority heading up the lake towards the ‘Ring of stones’ area.

Losing a fish on my second cast I thought to myself we’re in for a good day… but after the first few drifts it was becoming apparent that it wasn’t going to be an easy one at all! The day grew older and the net become dryer, as the wind picked up and the sun become stronger the fishing seemed to slow down. Sun and wind is a killer !

Not seeing or hearing of many fish caught throughout the day I was hoping that the team would have pulled it together averaging a good number of fish. Usually these team comps are won with an average of about 6 per man (around 40 fish a team) with a superstar taking a few more.

Here are the team results :-

1.Nymph-a-Maniacs 71 Fish
2. Anglo Scots 44 Fish
3. Margam FF 39 Fish
4. Pitsford Pirates 34 Fish
5. Team Ruabon 30 Fish
6. Prince Albert AS 28 Fish

4 out of 5 of the top 5 individuals on the day where of the Nymph-a-maniac team, with Kieron Jenkins and Gareth Jones of fly fishing tackle suppliers Fishtec taking 1st and 5th position. What are they putting into the fly lines at Airflo!?

Nymphs 300x199 Lexus Welsh Final Results Brenig

Just posted this on the Fishtec Blog too! Take a look –

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