Why? What? When? Where? Wye!

After a few weekends of fishing the lakes for many different competitions its always nice for a chill out on the river. Having not picked up a piece of carbon under a 7weight for around 5 weeks, it’s about time I got one back in my hand and waved it around some. No, Not only to conduct an atmospheric electrostatic discharge!

Me and Bish have decided for a day on the Wye, as a few good reports have whet our appetites! We’re heading to Rhayader to try and tempt some of the good Grayling the upper reaches have to offer. Judging by the web-cams it’ll be just about fish-able as anywhere else below seems to have a few inches and colour.  Fingers crossed!

Tonight will mean a night on the vice, just to replenish stocks from the past 5 weeks that ‘ave been disappearing from my box… Bushy?!

It doesn’t help that every time the window in work is open, you can hear the pristine riffles of the River Tarrell and see it just through the trees just 30feet away from the office desk…

2 thoughts on “Why? What? When? Where? Wye!

    1. Sorry……………If it’s any consolation at all, the Rhayader grayling were very fond of the pheasant tails 🙂

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