Fly Tying Companies?

I’ve used many different fly tying companies in the past, not for one reason or the other really. Normally I have a look around, see who has the best stock of colours, sizes, price, quantities and so on.


There’s nothing worse than actually ordering something and it not being in stock. Evidently its up to the supplier to email you letting you know, if there are no stock updates on the sites, and when they don’t turn up the day before a competition without notification, it can be a stressful time!


I like a company which has something a little bit different, something that’s interesting  when having a look through and keeps you on the site. Such as easy navigation. Navigation can tempt or turn customers away. If the site is easy to work and has clear purchasing buttons, it’s tempts likely consumers further. Some fly tying websites have customers in mind, and some it takes a genius to just order one Item. People don’t like to click through hundreds of buttons or links to find one product. A simple but effective Image that is categorised to the materials  is all that is needed.


Personally, I email my orders – just something I’ve always done. Allows you to have a subtle and leisurely chat depending on the time the supplier has, which is normally limited. It’s easy and can be done from your phone or desk.

Like these :- I ordered these yesterday at around 2pm. Turned up at my desk today 9am. Can you get any better service than that? Most small orders like these are put to one side until tomorrow as their not worth as much to the company. (They should, but it does happen believe me!)

FlyTying Boutique has been my ‘go to’ company for the past few months for anything fly tying related. Everything that I need for tying river and lake flies at easy. One simple email and it arrives next day with a receipt.

Anything that’s out of stock im informed within minutes, or the next day depending on how late ordering I am and normally an alternative piece of fly tying equipment is present. Hats off Phil! Nice one.

Please take this poll and let me know why you order from different companies. Just out of curiosity really. Leave a comment too on who you think the best company who you have dealt with is.

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