Sisak Jig – Nymphs

Following on from last weeks post on flies and hook styles I thought I’d post one of my recent favourite flies. Tied on a  jig hook to get the greatest weight possible this fly is sure to be down there with the best of them.

As I mentioned in the previous post, incorporating the CDC as a hackle type feature it adds a lot of movement in to the flies, trapping air making the fly look generally more realistic. Keeping on the movement theme, have you seen the tail?

Normally I like a shortish tail, maybe the length of the body – This has a length of just over one and a half times the fly. It’s not a lot, but I think including this long tail it gives the fly more movement again when sinking. As the tail is pretty stiff, the water doesn’t push the tail over forcing it to collapse. Effectively it pushes on the tail, making it wobble. Kinda like the biot tails on the Copper John, this ‘must’ influence the way the fly moves in moving water.

You may not be able to see, I sure can’t.. But i have two strands of UV under the abdomen of this fly. In the right light, this fly screams EAT ME! I sent this fly to a recent fly swap I entered. Ill get some nice pictures captured and post the swap flies!


  • Hook – FTB ‘J’ Hook (Fly tying boutique hook range)
  • Bead  – 3.5mm Silver Tungsten
  • Tail – CDL (Quite long)
  • Tag – Pink GB 4 strands
  • Body – Hares Ear (Built up at head)
  • Hackle – CDC
  • Flash – (not visible in pic) 2 strands of UV underneath 1cm long
  • Thorax – H/E mixed with small amount of peacock glister
Hope this helps! Any questions just ask!
Edit – UV underneath picutre.. 

8 thoughts on “Sisak Jig – Nymphs

  1. Just replied to your email! Thanks for the material list. I’m afraid I have one more question – the uv?! Very confused as to how it’s tied in? Perhaps another pic would illustrate it best?:-)

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