Online Photo sharing – Catch Club

Something that seems to be of great interest over the last few hours is Fishtec’s newly released ‘Catch Club’. We all know fishermen like to show off their catches, a favourite picture, a personal best or a potential record breaking fish everyone loves to show what they’ve caught. I think it’s a great idea along with others who have already addeda  few pictures! I uploaded one for my mate Terry of the big fish he had on the River Rhondda, where he had the video of it taking olives… Remember that?

Terry’s big Rhondda trout Picture and Video

One of the great ideas I like about the catch club is being able to upload, up to 3 images, being able to show the fly, location and fish. What do you think of it?

Click here to go to the Fishtec catch club, or submit your entry through the button in the side bar.


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