Grayling in a local river

It’s not often we make plans and they go ahead these days. You guest right… im talking about Bish… He had a day off so we thought we’d catch a few Grayling.

As we turned up it was immediate that the river was high with a tinge of colour, but this doesn’t normally stop us! Into the boot of the car, Waders on and fishing tackle out and traipsing off down the river we went.

A one fly only rule hindered our usual exploits of setting up the Klink and Dink on a rod and the French Leader… Nicolas Sarkozy?.. No silly… on the other. Today we only mounted a single rod with the Slovakian leader, fishing a single nymph. A Jig. The river was pushing with around 3-4 inches of water on its usual state so a bead of around 3.5 mm was chosen.

Within a few cast we’d landed a fish, a small Grayling of around just a few inches. Working our way upstream through the glides and runs we picked up some good fish all along the stretch of river. Both Browns and Grayling putting in an appearance.

Continuing our way upstream it was a weird coincidence that kept occurring in each pool. I mean we were catching Grayling, some pools we’d get one, some pools 4-5 but as soon as a trout was caught, be it the 2nd or 8th fish out of the pool… nothing else was caught. I found this bizzarly confusing. Normally, but not always the trout is caught first or the trout is the only fish in that pool due to its aggressive behaviour. But the fact nothing was caught once it had been was weird. Anyone else had this?

Anyway, towards the end of the day the fishing seemed to stay pretty consistent with a Grayling of around 1.5lb being the largest of the bunch it was time to head off and wait until another day to return.

4 thoughts on “Grayling in a local river

  1. Is Bish fishing in a t-shirt in November?! Astonishing! What river were you fishing Kieron? Strange to have a one fly only rule

    1. HE IS! It was boiling mind.. we walk about 2 miles previous, was a welcomed chillout! the river has a strict C&R policy Nick, this is just one of the rules they have set in place. Works well – lucky we have the Slovakian leader hey! The river is normally gin clear with every fish being visible (you too!!) one fly works well as its shallow.

  2. I know exactly where this is. Had a few seasons with the club in question, and it’s a beauty of a river. A shame other commitments got in the way and I couldn’t justify rejoining…I’ll be back one cay if they’ll have me though. Glad you had a great day Kie! You need to try it when the mayfly are flying…magic!

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