It’s Mayfly Time!

Over the last week Facebook has told me that anglers around the UK have started to see the very first of the Mayfly! This is an exciting time of year, when the mayfly start to hatch trout seem to change their finicky ways and attack the mayfly with anger and excitement, splashing at the surface either taking them or drowning the fly to make it an easy … Continue reading It’s Mayfly Time!

At Last! The first river trip of the season

Saturday morning saw me rise bright and early in great anticipation of the first day of the trout season. Waking up to the pitter patter of rain on the kitchen roof put some doubts in my mind to whether the river would be fishable or not, sometimes these small freestone rivers can colour up pretty quickly, but a short strole across the road to check the … Continue reading At Last! The first river trip of the season

Platinum Swing Leaf Fly Box

So, I needed a new fly box. If there’s one thing the fishing industry isn’t short of is fly boxes. Simply search the term ‘Fly boxes’ in google and hundred of opportunities come up. Plastic, Wooden, Aluminium, Clear lids, Flat foam, Slotted foam, compartments, magnetic. You name it. It’s there. I wasn’t looking for anything too fancy, just something that would hold hundreds of flies for just a few … Continue reading Platinum Swing Leaf Fly Box