A Draycote Dream

For years, Draycote has always flirted with me. Tempting me and others over the years to fish its hallowed waters, and why? Because of this :-

Matthew Griffiths - Estimated between 12-13lb (the fish!)

When there’s a chance of something like this to be caught I don’t think many would turn up the offer. You need some quality fishing tackle to play with these beasts!

Draycote fished hard yesterday, with the boys on the rudder doing the best out of most. Myself and my partner Tony taking one fish a piece. Although the one I had was near 5lb in weight on a floating fry.

My best fish of the year - Quality 4lb 9oz
Sorry for the poor quality fly image, phone picture!

The fry has an integrated glass rattle system.. sounds good doesn’t it? Which is tied in under the body on top of the hook, giving the fly a great profile. Long, thin and tall with big brown eyes……

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