Your Favourite Fishing Tackle Store

I’ve always been curios of other fisherman’s fishing tackle needs and where they go to fulfil them. I’m the sort of person who finds the fishing tackle store which has the best stock and price… something which is harder to combine that you think! Where do you shop? Leave a comment if you shop somewhere else and why. *Additional text* It’s good to see people are voting, … Continue reading Your Favourite Fishing Tackle Store

A Draycote Dream

For years, Draycote has always flirted with me. Tempting me and others over the years to fish its hallowed waters, and why? Because of this :- When there’s a chance of something like this to be caught I don’t think many would turn up the offer. You need some quality fishing tackle to play with these beasts! Draycote fished hard yesterday, with the boys on … Continue reading A Draycote Dream

Fry time?

With the weekend fast approaching, its about time I filled up the ‘Fry’ box in readiness for some (hopefully!) fry feeders at Draycote on Sunday. It’s not fishing that well by all accounts, but its worth a go. A mixture of rabbit strips in 5 different colours and some glass rattles would sure add some ‘Eat Me’ characteristics to my flies?  That’s what I’m hoping anyway. With … Continue reading Fry time?

New camera

Well atlast, Friday’s here the day before the weekend and we’re let out to play – A long but satisfying week in work has enhanced the thought of fishing this weekend, with a  newly acquired membership for the River Ewenny, Pen-coed angling club – Me and bish are thinking of heading there in the morning. Sunday means Farmoor II – A concrete bowl filled full of fish throughout the … Continue reading New camera

Online Photo sharing – Catch Club

Something that seems to be of great interest over the last few hours is Fishtec’s newly released ‘Catch Club’. We all know fishermen like to show off their catches, a favourite picture, a personal best or a potential record breaking fish everyone loves to show what they’ve caught. I think it’s a great idea along with others who have already addeda  few pictures! I uploaded one for … Continue reading Online Photo sharing – Catch Club