Fly Tying and Photography..

Sitting at the vice this evening, I thought it would be nice to put a few fly images on here – I’ve been filling my box up with spiders, nymphs and dries. After tying the standard style spiders, I was thinking about hook up rates and bump offs when fishing ’em, so I though… why not Jig em up? Look pretty cool to me. What you think?

After spidering for a few hours, the nymphs started to roll off. I recall taking a few big Grayling on this pattern a few years ago. The body colour can be changed for for your preferred colours. Im particular fond of Orange and Green.

Dry flies. My favourite style of fishing.. picking off those ‘sitters’ just sipping in the surface film at long range. Mmm.. In Italy last year the fish where so fussy with their food, everything had to be perfect and we devised this pattern. The extended foam thorax lets for great looking eyes and extra boyancy, but still keeping it flat and in the surface film. Just like a spinner. This fly was actually tied to represent crippled duns, my best pattern yet to imitate the cripples.

And one for luck..

5 thoughts on “Fly Tying and Photography..

    1. For Waders? Definitely! I haven’t found anything that comes close to the fit, comfort or breath-ability. I’ve had two pairs of simms, one freestone and now the G3s, the freestones lasted about 2 years and still wear them on the boat now. The g3s are around 8 months old and perfect although I do give them a through outing! – hopefully they will last a few years too. I had a pair of Airflo white-waters for over 2 years too – which was great considering the price.

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