Ewenny Grayling

Me and my old man fished the Ewenney over the Christmas break, expectations where high, but so was the river. It was clear, but looked slightly murkier as the water was maybe a foot too high. We walked downstream a few hundred yards stopping and looking in anticipation at likely looking grayling holes.

We both tackled up with a French Leader, as the river is single fly only. Me with a 9ft 4/5 Airflo Streamtec Nantec and Bushy his 2-1 Hends fly rod. Wading is not permitted, but we both wore our waders to stop the cold and mud lingering to our trousers.

Many flies where changed and lost, pools where fished thoroughly but all to no avail. The weather looked good, constant cloud cover and a temperature of around 7-8 degrees, this was the norm for around the area for the previous few days. We all think, ‘Something is up’ whent he fishing is slow, but there’s many reasons to take into consideration such as pressure changes, sudden temperature drops or rises, snow melt (this time of year) or maybe the fish just arn’t feeding. We decided on the latter and continued fishing towards the car.

A few hours had past with nothing, a few hardy stoneflies flies had appeared but nothing in the way of a hatch. But we soldiered on, fishing our way upstream when Bushys indicator shot under, an exhilarating fight,  with a few good lunges and runs a grayling which looked to be around the 2lb mark was landed. The only fish to the bank for our short ewenny session, but a great one of that!

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