6lb of Farmoor Muscle

The trout season is just only around the corner at just 6 full weeks away… tying has commenced with booby eyes being perfectly rounded, lashed onto hooks and awaiting the arrival of its fluffy tail, slim bodies and pronounced wings.

To get us back into the swing of things we take a few needed trips to Farmoor reservoir, where the casting cobwebs can be blow away whilst we hurl a line out and into the horizon. New fly patterns devised over the winter can be tried, new methods or new lines.

For me, It’s a welcomed change to stand on the bank and work out the undertow, feeding depths and so on. Usually that sort of stuff is somewhat logged into the brain from previous trips when out on the boat but, on the bank things seem to change quicker and more frequent, all made easier to understand by the recent articles in the fishing magazines of fishing ‘concrete bowls’.

After a few grayling sessions, it’s always nice to have a break, leave the ladies to it and do something different, so we headed to farmoor for what will be one of our last trips before the season is back in full swing. It was bright and windy, a strong left to right wind in our usual spot so we decided to give it a go.

Deans first 4 casts seen him hook 6 fish and landed 4, snapping off at the dropped with two double headers. Then the wind started to pick up.. and up.. and up. Casting was becoming quite strenuous with nearly every cast being blow completely off target. Each ‘descent’ cast I got out, I caught a fish, I managed four within a few minutes which where feeding around mid water, and one near enough 5lb in weight. A great start to a increasingly windy day.

As the wind became almost unbearable our lines where blown all over the road and into the bushes! It was time to move, so we made our way round to the top of the wind for some comfortable fishing. Although slower, the fish were there, all you had to do was wait your turn as they made their way up and down the bank. We ended the day with around 20 fish between us – two in access of 5lb in weight.

It’s always nice to see what you’ve been missing for so many months over the closed season. Now to sort out the tackle box and fly lines!

Who else is looking forward to the trout season!?

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