Let the tying commence

Over the last few weeks my fly boxes have been looking sad to say the least. Gaps have been appearing where I never thought, fly patterns have been dwindling, no, literally falling from my box. So it’s about time I done something about it. A nice little order of Hanak hooks, and some tungsten beads thrown in for good measure. This arrived at work this … Continue reading Let the tying commence

At Last! The first river trip of the season

Saturday morning saw me rise bright and early in great anticipation of the first day of the trout season. Waking up to the pitter patter of rain on the kitchen roof put some doubts in my mind to whether the river would be fishable or not, sometimes these small freestone rivers can colour up pretty quickly, but a short strole across the road to check the … Continue reading At Last! The first river trip of the season

Total Flyfisher / Egg flies

Enjoyed reading the March issue of total flyfisher this morning. Especially Terry Phillips article on the river Dee. Some great points on bugging in high water and some cracking fly patterns. Anglers and egg flies sometimes don’t get along, its a love ’em or hate ’em sort of marmite scenario. Recently, i’ve used egg flies on both rivers and small waters, and was pleasantly surprised … Continue reading Total Flyfisher / Egg flies

The French Leader – Everyone and their dog?

Well, over the last few years the French leader has become a revolution in our river angling, enhancing our nymphing distance and sensitivity. Allowing our flies to sink to their desired fishing depth before getting into the area you want them. The indicator simply indicates takes receive to the flies by either stopping, gently sliding away, shooting off or lifting.. striking at anything which occurs that’s unnatural to the norm. Everyone seems to be … Continue reading The French Leader – Everyone and their dog?