Pre-Season treats..

With the Lake season just around the corner, 26 days, 4 weekends and 3 and a half work weeks away, but who’s counting? I thought I’d treat myself to a few new fly lines. And what’s better to go with fly lines? Backing. 

I purchased the standard Sixth Sense Di 7 and the new Di 8 Sixth Sense fly lines for early season boobying. Sensitivity and durability in a lines that will cast over 35 feet. Perfect for boobying at depth.

One of the things im most excited about thought is the new Forty Plus Mini Tip – A fly line which as been one of my favourite over the past 2-3 years, made into a forty plus! I can see it being a brilliant nymphing and buzzer fishing line, Just imagine nymphing at 40 yards away! Oh the possibilities…

Personally I think the line will be ideal for bank fishing, or when you need to get small (or large) buzzers down deep from the boat. Casting 30+ yards with any line isn’t easy but these distances are regularly achieved with the Forty pluses. Fished slow, these distances let your flies sink longer, gaining more depth with the un-rivalled control due to the supple coating and power core technology.

It looks a cracker

I think this will be the ultimate line for nymphy bank anglers. The Airflo Forty Plus Expert Mini Tip – Reaching new distances!

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