River fly lines and booby eyes..

It seems that everyone is posting about Barrio fly lines recently, so I thought I’d join in :D… After chatting to Mike and discussing head/taper lengths I thought I should try one out. The Barrio GT140 has a overall length of 130 feet, with a long continuous rear taper the line offers great stability and control in the air for longer casts. I’ll be using this primarily as a dry fly line on larger rivers such as the Usk, Wye and Lower Taff, not only because the reel says so.

With the trout season just around the corner, more and more of my time is being spent at the tying table filling boxes and sorting my fishing tackle. Almost everything seems complete for the onset of the season – Fly Lines are cleaned and sorted into separate reel cases labelled ‘Sweep’ ‘SS Flt/Int’ ‘SS Di’ and ’40+’ but the fly boxes seem less organised at the moment.

240 Booby eye cylinders!

Check out my post of the How To Guides on the Fishtec Blog for my favourite way of rounding and securing booby eyes.


One thought on “River fly lines and booby eyes..

  1. I’ve used the 5wt GT140 for about 12 months now. It’s not everyones cup of tea because the headweight is spread over such a long distance. The advantages are though that it provides stability in the air when aerialising a lot of line.

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