River fly lines and booby eyes..

It seems that everyone is posting about Barrio fly lines recently, so I thought I’d join in :D… After chatting to Mike and discussing head/taper lengths I thought I should try one out. The Barrio GT140 has a overall length of 130 feet, with a long continuous rear taper the line offers great stability and control in the air for longer casts. I’ll be using … Continue reading River fly lines and booby eyes..

Platinum Swing Leaf Fly Box

So, I needed a new fly box. If there’s one thing the fishing industry isn’t short of is fly boxes. Simply search the term ‘Fly boxes’ in google and hundred of opportunities come up. Plastic, Wooden, Aluminium, Clear lids, Flat foam, Slotted foam, compartments, magnetic. You name it. It’s there. I wasn’t looking for anything too fancy, just something that would hold hundreds of flies for just a few … Continue reading Platinum Swing Leaf Fly Box