The perfect fly patch?

I’ve never been one to have a boatseat which bothes a accessories tray, i’ve seen many tackle items being caught by the fly line and ‘flung’ into the water. It’s always seemed that it is more of a hindrance than an asset. Although, I like the idea of having a fly patch right in front of you, I guess it can sometimes give you inspiration with what to put on your cast? And of-course hold flies until you think its time to change or dry them off before putting them back in the fly box.

I was told a while back by Airflos Sales director, Gareth Jones about  the new Simms boat patch.. After seeing it, it was obvious I had to have one. Featuring a magnetic fly catcher section of around 3×5″ and an overall size of 5×9″ with slotted foam for easy fly insertion, the Simms boat patch is more of an open air fly box than a patch! Two Velcro strips hold the patch in place, im guessing there are multiple places to put it such as tackle boxes, boat surfaces or boat seats.

The foam is of high density so flies that are ‘hooked’ into the patch don’t leave marks or pull chunks out with the barb. Something small and different but very impressive from Simms. At the moment it’s on my tying desk… But do I put this on the lid or under the lid of my tackle box?

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