Fulling Mill Barbless Hooks

Fulling Mill Force Jig Force Hook
Fulling Mill Force Jig Force Hook

A lot of the guys who fish, or have fished with me will know that I am very fond of the new fulling mill hook range. The range is simple superb and cater for all anglers, whether you fish small stillwaters, competitions on the larger reservoirs or are a river angler, Fulling Mill have a range of hooks that will transform your fishing when having to go barbless.

I’ve been using the whole range, especially the river hooks for the past year or more and I have nothing but good words to say about the FM selection. It’s great to see the fly range being produced on these hooks too. Try and find good quality fishing flies on trusted barbless hook. There’s not many places you can!

Anyway, I’ve written a short piece on the hooks for the fulling mill website, basically giving my thoughts on these hooks after using them throughout my competition year. You can find the review here, just click and follow this link :: Kieron’s Fulling Mill Barbless Hook Review 

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