Grayling Time!

Ronsfishing Grayling

For some reason, this year im enjoying the Grayling fishing more than ever. Being able to head out at any time, whether it’s just a few miles downstream on to the Taff or a 300+ mile trip to the Test or Anton, the Grayling always seems to get my blood pumping.

This time of year I put a lot of effort into my Grayling box with many weird and wonderful creations coming from the vice. Recently I’ve been focusing on the usual, some may say ‘mainstream’ pink bugs and grubs. My most recent batch of flies has prove themselves to me time and time again, with many good grayling netted using this pattern. It’s a simple tie, but  can prove devistating in low clear waters in smaller sizes as well as coloured rivers.

The Pink UV dubbing used at the head of this fly is from Dave Downie, this colour pink is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. When it’s wet, it goes a light shade of pink, but a brightly coloured thread beneath makes it bounce with colour. View it here: Pink Dubbing Dave Downie

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