Ellerdine Lakes

Ellerdine Lakes are somewhere I’ve never fished before, I don’t do that much small-water fishing other than when the rivers are out of condition throughout the winter. The trout season for me is packed with lake competitions and also river comps the last few years – being lucky enough to qualify for the rivers team – So my spare time is spent practicing on these waters rather than branching out and hitting small-waters.

I said this winter that I would certainly try and fish more of these small-water venues, considering most are now offering catch and release.

So, Ellerdine? After picking up Terry and Dean we made the two hour journey from south Wales to Shropshire and were greeted by Edd the fishery owner and Stuart Smitham. Breakfast was served, some fishing tackle items bought in the onsite shop, and we set out onto the lake for some fishy therapy.

I won’t divulge too much into the day, but we caught plenty of fish on a variety of methods – Here’s a short video I made fishing ‘Lakemoore’ – an Airflo 40+ Fast Glass and one of my Krystal Strangle Cats.

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