Fishing on the River Taff

At last! The river Taff has dropped enough to get in a few of the bigger pools to wet a line… It’s been well over a month since we’ve been able to flick a fly on the Taff, with some of the highest water levels ever recorded, so Terry, Tony and I took the opportunity to get out and hopefully catch some fish.

I arrived at Pontypridd at approximately 10.30am, Terry and Tony were both threading their lines through their fly rods so I had to rush to get my kit on to get to the river at the same time

The river was still fairly high, possibly too high for the rest of the areas we fish, but the junction pool provided some great shallows and creases to fish. I set up with my new Greys XF2+ and the Super-Dri Mend which I’ve been testing.

I know I push the Super-Dri fly lines a hell of a lot, and it’s not just because I work for Airflo. If I find a product I like, I tell people about it, and recently, I’ve noticed advantages of the Airflo Super-Dri lines more than ever whether I’m fishing the indicator on a lake or the Trio on a river, where mending and line lift is paramount.

Fishing the Trio is easier than any method as long as you keep the drag away from the indicator. I like to continuously mend the fly line to get the best drift as I can, letting more line drift free from the tip of the rod also, this gives a much longer drift and more chances of coming across fish. The idea of the Trio is to suspend your flies at a certain depth, say 3ft, and drift them for as long as possible. This is where I believe the Super-Dri Mend comes into it’s own.

Here’s a quick video of me fishing the video the Trio the way I like too, and a bonus fish too! Dont forget to toggle the quality! 1080HD is best – you can see the indicator on the surface and going under when the fish takes…

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