What’s been happening?

After my most recent post about catching carp on the fly, things have been a little quite on here as you may have noticed! My fishing however hasn’t and fortunately I’ve been lucky enough to fish plenty over the last few weeks, racking up the miles as well as the fish numbers!

Colin Thomas, National sales manager at Airflo and I decided to venture to his old local, Swiss valley reservoir for a couple of hours fishing. We’d heard that the fish were nailing buzzers, so where better to try out the new Airflo Super Dri 40+ range of fly lines? I rigged up with a team of three buzzers, mostly black with bright orange cheeks, and the 40+ Mini tip. It only took three casts before this beautiful little rainbow took hold of my top dropper.


Lewis Rumble even got in on the action and took this on a damsel pattern!

We had a couple of days of rain here in south Wales, where the rivers coloured up for a day or so, giving me plenty of time to prepare for some up and coming river trips. Fortunately I managed a few hours at the vice stocking up on some ‘essentials’. My favourite, along with plenty of other anglers, this time of year has to be the Jingler, tied with Transbrite hank for the body. It’s the same material as the Hendz Body quill or Blob tail as some of you may know it, ribbed with stripped natural peacock quill.

Ronsfishing jingler
Kieron’s Jingler

After some persuading (yeah right!) Steffan Jones and I took an opportunity over the Easter bank holiday weekend to sample what the Ebbw had to offer. The river was low, very, very clear and lacking in fly life. Mostly down to the dull day with sporadic sunshine. The fishing however was top drawer, with plenty of fish ranging between 6 and 13″ mostly on the nymphs, with just one, hooked and lost on a dry fly.

Steffan Jones Ebbw Trout

Steffan Jones Ebbw Stone
Steff’s best of the day….

After a great day with Steff I received another text to see if I fancied fishing the Ebbw again, this time with Nick Steedman, yep, that guy who had the big brown last year, and Dan from Cardiff (who caught the same one), asking if I fancied a day on the river. After the performance the Ebbw gave, there was no hesitation and we headed right back over the very next day.

I got some great footage on my Ghost-S HD of rising fish, nymph fishing and release shots, which if I get time over the next few days I’ll upload a few samples to YouTube. But for now, all I have is this fish selfie with Nick!

Trout Selfie
Trout Selfie

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