Cwm Hedd Trout Lake

Over the last few weeks I’ve been fishing Cwm Hedd fishery a 7 acre lake just outside Newport. The fishing has been fantastic to say the least, and just a hop, skip and jump down the road, ideal to spend the last few hours of the day.

As I turned up at the lake I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! Fish rising everywhere, literally anywhere on the lake that you looked there would be a fish rising – mainly to buzzers and midge. The risers however were fairly far out and getting a dry fly to turn over at 30+ yards would have been hard work, so I knocked the dry fly idea on the head and tackled up in my favourite corner opposite the lodge with a Fast Intermediate Airflo Forty Plus Expert Fly Line – one that I picked up earlier in the day after killing my previous one the weekend before.

It didn’t take long before I hooked my first fish, a feisty rainbow weighting around a pound and three quarters, on one of Col’s tinhead damsels.

Linda and I managed to get most of the fish caught on camera, so keep your eye out for more videos such as the above!

More information about Cwm Hedd 

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